Customer Testimonials

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  1. It has been about a year since you stopped tutoring my son Craig. I can't thank you enough. His self-esteem, reading, and tools that you have given him have helped him to be a better reader and person. He now has confidence and reads out loud to people. You have changed his life. We will never forget what you did for Craig. I highly recommend you as a wonderful tutor - patient, kind and sweet. I wish you nothing but the best for you and your family. THANK You!
    The Iorizzo Family
  1. Matthew was actually sitting on the couch before breakfast this morning reading a book about whales! He has never done this before! Jason and I were so excited to see him choose to read on his own! I feel like telling the world!
    Melissa Payan
  1. "Thank you so much the huge role you played in helping (student name retracted) get to where she is today. You should be be proud of yourself. You helped change her life. Things aren't perfect. Writing is still a struggle, but she works hard on her proof-reading and her confidence is clearly back. She has come to a better of understanding of her strengths and how to work through her frustrations. Good Job Jennifer! Good job (student)! Well done."
    Tonya St. John