1. 1
    You and your child will meet weekly with your clinical educator online. • Sessions are 45 minutes of instruction. • 5 minutes are given for adults to debrief. • Student learns 2-3 new concepts a week. • Lessons are systematic, intensive, multi-sensory, and fun!
    Weekly online one-to-one sessions
  2. 2
    Games and videos reinforce the lessons so that child has multiple "times at bat" to practice new concepts. • Child plays 15-20 minutes of games daily. • Games are computer-based and tabletop. • Clinical educator tracks child's progress. • Parent receives reports to inform practice.
    Daily customized practice/games
  3. 3
    Clinical Educator ensures that the needs of your child/student are met by using data to drive instruction. We track the following data: • Weekly session progress (mastery of 2-3 new concepts). • Daily game progress. • Passage reading.
    Progress monitoring
  4. 4
    We work as a team to make sure that you have what you need to support your child/student. • Consult with Clinical Educator about your questions, concerns, and observations.
    Expert consulting

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